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Welcome to the Advanced Minecraft Guide.

This is where you'll learn to become a pro at Minecraft! I'm an experienced Minecrafter and have been playing for 4 years! I hope this helps you to learn how to survive Minecraft.
In this section I will teach you how to Survive the lethal onslaught of angry mobs. You'll also learn about mining and what level they spawn at. On the third section you will learn about mobs in Hard Mode. Then the last one will be about servers and how to join them!

To Survive in the wild you need a house. a basic house would look like this:

An advanced house would look like this:

This is all about what an advanced player would want to mine. Starting from most useful to least useful:

  1. Diamonds (level 0-13)
  2. Lapis Luzali
  3. Redstone
  4. Gold
  5. Iron
  6. Coal
  7. Stone

Always take wood, blocks and a bucket of water when mining. This is in case you fall in lava. If you find a block that looks like this then that meens you have reached the bottom of the world. It is called BEDROCK

Strongest Minecraft mobs in Hard Mode (not including bosses)

  1. Wither Skeleton
  2. Spider Jockey
  3. Charged creeper
  4. Witch
  5. Enderman
  6. Cave Spiders
  7. etc...


In this section you will learn about servers and how to join them. Servers are online worlds where you can play minigames like:

  1. Hunger Games
  2. Op factions
  3. Deathrun
  4. And Many More!

To get onto servers you need to click on the multiplayer bar. Once you have done this you should click the add server button and type in the name and IP of the server. Once this is done double-click on the server picture to join the server. And then enjoy.

Here are some server IP's.

  1. Evopvp:
  2. Mineplex: Europe) or US)
  3. Hypixel: